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The video could be customized for any kind of electronic repair service (iPhone Repair, Computer Repair, Smart Phone Repair, MAC Repair etc…).

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Internet Marketing by DIMCO

We provide a customized and complete Internet Marketing solution for Electronic Repair shops (iPhone Repair, Cell Phone Repair, Computer Repair etc…) around US, UK and Canada.

[headline style="2" color="black" tag="h3"]When We Say Customized, We MEAN IT![/headline]

Computer Repair leadsFrom cool looking graphics and highly converting websites to great and professional videos that promote your services.

Chances are that you probably found DIMCO through one of our videos ranked on the 1st page of Google for “iPhone repair service in your area”. This is proof, that DIMCO knows how to rank on the 1st page of Google and we can do the same for you.

We don’t just create and rank videos in Google. We can also create and rank highly converting and lead generating websites, Facebook pages, Yelp Pages, etc… Basically, if it’s online, we can rank it in Google!

So if you own a Cell Phone Repair and/or Computer Repair shop, and you want more customers, this is for you!

You have a lot of competition in the search engines. The only way to get around them is by having a professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert like DIMCO by your side.

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We get you more leads/ business, via ranking your website on the 1st page of Google for cell phone repair and computer repair related search terms in your area.

Not only that, we also create, manage and rank Facebook Pages, Yelp Pages, Google Plus Pages and additional lead generation websites on your behalf to completely take over the entire 1st page and dominate your competition.

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[headline style="2" color="black" tag="h2"]Want to Rank in the Google’s 7 Pack? No Problem![/headline]


If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering about the price.

When it comes to pricing, DIMCO has several packages to choose from.

Please note: All packages come with a one time $300 set up fee, monthly Google ranking ranking report and OPTIONAL monthly call tracking report (additional charges apply).

Computer Repair marketing$50 per Month Package (no set up fee) – We create a professional looking video for you. Insert your phone, website and physical address into the video, video title and description. Than we will rank that video for “iPhone Repair + Your City” search term on the 1st page of Google. Each additional video/area after that is only $25 per month.

$300 per Month Package – We will rank your website for 3 cell phone repair and computer repair related search terms in your area.

$500 per Month Package – We will rank your website for 3 search terms and we will work on ranking your Yelp Page, Facebook Page and a Video (which we will create) for the same search terms.

$750 per Month Package – We will focus on ranking your website for 6 search terms. We will also work on ranking your Yelp Page, Facebook Page, Videos and list you in the Google 7 pack.

$1000 per Month Package – DIMCO will rank you in the Google 7 pack and will take over the entire 1st page of Google for you for computer repair and cell phone repair related search terms in your area.

[headline style="2" color="black" tag="h3"]Would You Like a Demonstration?[/headline]

Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision right away. That’s why, we would like to DEMO our Internet Marketing and SEO skills by ranking a video on the 1st page of Google for you for $25.

[headline style="2" color="black" tag="h2"]How the DEMO Works?[/headline]

The video will have your phone number, website address and physical address in the description and in the actual video.

[video_skin style="6" title="See Video Example Below:" tag="h2" player="youtube" video_id="y4c1_dY0UBM" controls="no" width="650" height="350"]

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If you have any additional questions, please scroll down to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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Mei_LuIt has been a pleasure working with Dmitriy and his team at! Geekology has seen significant improvements in our organic rankings from nowhere to be found to position 1 for our primary search terms. DIMCO has always been professional, helpful and always accessible and I recommend them to anyone who needs SEO done for their business!

- Mei Lu the Founder & CEO of Geekology and

SEO services by DIMCO



How much do your services cost?

Our packages start at $50 per month.


Do you have a trial?

Yes! we offer a FREE trial. We create a customized video for your business and rank it on the 1st page of Google for you.


Why should I hire DIMCO over a cheaper company?

We don’t have any contracts to sign and you can cancel at any time. Plus, we specialize in working with Electronic Repair Stores and we have all the necessary marketing material to get you started quickly.


How do I know if I'm getting a return on my investment?

DIMCO can set up a call and email tracking system and you will get a monthly report with all the calls and emails. This is an optional feature with additional charges.


When will I see results?

Internet Marketing takes time, and it could take for up to 3 months to start seeing a Return On Investment. That is precisely why you should start by taking the FREE Trial first.


I'm already getting enough customers from PPC and/or SEO!

If you would be getting enough customers, you wouldn’t be reading this! And you can always expand your business by covering more areas and ranking for other lucrative search terms.


My question is not here!

If you did not find an answer here, go to DIMCOs contact page and ask away.

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